Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Political News for Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Election

Republicans seek chance to unseat House Democrat in Georgia

Senate Race Rankings: Toss-Ups!

Ohio Rep. LaTourette to issue surprise retirement announcement

Change in the 112th Congress

Resignation, Retirement, and Reelection: How the 112th Congress Compares With the 111th

Portman Punts When Asked if Ready to Be VP

Democratic Party to add gay marriage to platform

Veep Beat: VP Possibles Stump For Romney Through Weekend

Romney Camp, RNC Release Biographical Spot

Republican ads woo disillusioned Obama voters

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama welcomes new ambassadors

Obama warns of economic "headwinds," sees euro surviving

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Romney salutes Polish-U.S. friendship in Warsaw visit

Romney press aide tells reporters: 'Shove it'

'Kiss my ass': Romney aide in new gaffe

Romney wraps up overseas tour amid tensions with media

Palestinians attack Mitt Romney for 'racist' comments

Romney stays on message in Poland after UK, Israel missteps

First Thoughts: Judging Romney's overseas trip

Romney looks to regain footing with Warsaw speech

First Thoughts: Recapping Romney's Israel stop

Romney to announce VP pick via smartphone app

Iran's president mocks Romney visit to Israel

Romney lauds Polish spirit, governance, in Warsaw

Romney hailing US-Polish ties in visit to Warsaw

Romney: U.S. Shouldn't Impose Solution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Romney shrugs off criticism of bumpy European tour

Romney's foreign controversies overshadow economic message

Other News

Chinese dissident Chen to see Boehner, Pelosi

Congress Moves Forward on New Iran Sanctions

Senate report calls for congressional action on for-profit colleges

US and Turkey to 'accelerate' Syria transition: White House

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,935

Pakistan, US sign NATO convoy deal

Bomb scare closes US Embassy in Norway

Panetta arrives in Cairo for talks with president

Panetta: Sanctions not moving Iran away from nukes

Panetta says sanctions haven't yet worked in Iran

Panetta: Egypt's leaders promise full democracy

Obama-nominated diplomat seeks Pakistani action

Security in focus as Clinton heads to Africa

Clinton to visit South Sudan on major Africa trip

Panetta offers Tunisia help in 'terrorism' fight

Myanmar reforms likely to continue -US State Depart official

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

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NYSE Market Movers: Most Active

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Unusual Volume: Up on Unusual Volume

Down on Unusual Volume

Manchester United reveals IPO details

Wall Street little changed as Fed, ECB awaited

US futures head higher as Fed meets

Early Glance: Silver companies

Early Glance: Gold companies

Early Glance: Coal companies

Chrysler CEO reiterates no IPO in 2012

US Economy

U.S. consumer spending flat, incomes advance

Consumer confidence rises in July

Employment costs up modestly in second quarter

U.S. Midwest business barometer rises in July

Chicago PMI index 53.7 in July

Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Treasuries

Fed could be moving to more bond buying

SEC seeks more investor protections for US muni market

Price gains pared as Fed meeting begins


Small U.S. farmers struggle to stay afloat as drought kills vegetables

Natural gas price surges as Americans crank the AC

OPEC oil output drops as sanctions hit Iran

Oil prices fall as stimulus hopes fade

Grains futures mostly fall, pork prices rise

Oil prices inch back over $90 as ECB moves awaited

Lower 48 U.S. May natgas output unchanged from April

Real Estate Market

Home prices rose in major U.S. cities in May

Rising home prices show traction in housing recovery

Credit/Stock/Company Rating

Fitch affirms United Technologies at 'A'

Fitch raises Goodrich to 'A' on acquisition

Fitch updates recovery analyses for U.S. food and restaurant companies

US Companies/Industry

Chrysler earns $436M US in 2nd quarter

GE Vice Chairman Krenicki to join private equity firm

US Steel 2Q net income cut in half, but beats view

Goodyear 2Q profit doubles, beats predictions

Aetna profit beats estimates; full-year forecast raised

Interim Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn leaves company

Morgan Stanley rejiggers brokerage regions, cuts four top jobs

Marathon Petroleum system can run up to 75 percent light sweet crude-exec

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHLB 2012 note calendar

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac 2012 bill sale calendar

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Testimony set to begin in iPhones, iPads patents trial

Apple, Samsung lawyers ready patent arguments

JPMorgan Chase fails to end mortgage modification lawsuit

Monday, July 30, 2012

VIDEO: Weekly Address: The House of Representatives Must Act on Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

VIDEO: 7/28/12 - Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Delivers Weekly GOP Address on Preventing Tax Hikes

American Political News for Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Election

Obama, Romney neck and neck in vice-is-nice Nevada

Romney's Overseas Trip a Chance to Burnish Foreign Policy Credentials

Dems advertising in several GOP Senate primaries

Obama, Romney Teams Vie for Early Voting Edge

Veep Beat: GOPers Weigh In On Veepstakes

Obama and Romney enter the final 100 days

Romney’s problem? Americans don’t like him as much as Obama, polls say.

Democrats criticize Virginia special elections date

First Thoughts: Halftime

Jindal's Story Intrigues, But Can It Get Him A VP Nod?

Voter ID laws could swing states

Billboard compares Aurora shooter, Obama

Cruz leads going into Tuesday

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama's last campaign taking a nostalgic detour

New day, old bickering on taxes between Obama, GOP

Obama’s Weekly Address: Urging the House to Do ‘What’s Right’ for the Middle Class

Obama welcomes new ambassadors to Burma, South Sudan

Vice President Joe Biden

Biden: Romney doesn't see value in education

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Romney ramps up rhetoric, would respect Israeli decision to strike Iran's nuclear facilities

Adviser says Romney would back Israeli strike to stop Iran's nuclear program

Mitt Romney pulls back from comments about Israeli strike on Iran

Is Israel Mitt’s New Swing State?

Romney says Jerusalem capital of Israel

Romney bars reporters from Israeli fundraiser

Romney Reverses Course, Decides To Open Israel Fundraiser to Media

Romney: Overpaying taxes disqualifies president

Boehner to Romney: Portman should be your running mate

Romney: US, Israel differences embolden enemies

Romney talks tough on Iran during visit to Israel

Romney to visit Poland WWII site, meet Lech Walesa

In jam, Romney tries not to make new Iran policy

Romney: 'No Option Should Be Excluded' in Israeli Defense Against Iran

Palestinian official says Romney's stance on disputed Jerusalem 'absolutely unacceptable'

Romney Not Sure If He’s Paid Less Than 13.9% in Taxes

Mitt Romney meets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Romney Touches On Sensitive Topics In Israel

Eye On The Jewish Vote, Romney Commits To Israel

Israeli press sizes up Mitt Romney

Romney’s ‘racist’ economic statement outrages Palestinians

Other News

Pentagon chief Panetta says Syrian President Assad is hastening his own demise

Pakistani diplomat calls for end to U.S. drone strikes

House to vote on drought relief, farm bill

Pentagon plans for pivot to Asia need work: study

N. Korea vows tough action against US

US Air Force looks to train pilots for hi-tech threats

Report: US presents Israel with Iran strike plan

Israel thanks Obama for security agreement

Panetta heads to Mideast; Syria high on the agenda

US leads sanctions warnings to Sudans over peace talks

US drone attack kills at least 5 in Pakistan

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NYSE Market Movers: Most Active

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Most Active Stocks

Unusual Volume: Up on Unusual Volume

Down on Unusual Volume

Facebook shares tumble 11% following weak earnings

US futures mixed of Geithner-Draghi meeting

Stock futures edge lower after two-day run; Fed, ECB eyed

US Economy

Bernanke, Geithner response to Libor scandal rings hollow

US Treasury secretary meeting German finance minister, ECB chief amid assurances on eurozone

Geithner meeting German finance minister, Draghi


Geithner Meets With European Financial Officials


US crude steadies above $90 on US stimulus hopes, euro

U.S. gasoline prices rise for first time in 14 weeks

U.S. Corn Belt still parched despite rain

Brent holds above $106, eyes on US, Europe stimulus

Credit/Stock/Company Rating

UBS downgrades Exxon; 'disappointing' production

US Companies/Industry

Solyndra files Chapter 11 reorganization plan

Analysis: Apple sounds warning bell for smartphone industry

Apple, Twitter not currently in discussions for stake: sources

JPMorgan creates more management checks and balances

Privacy regulators blast Google for Street View data

GM says has ousted global marketing chief

NTSB investigating Dreamliner engine issue

Merck quarterly earnings beat forecasts

Simmering Soup Voluntarily Recalls Salsa & Balela Because of Possible Health Risk

Minnesota Firm Recalls Canned Chicken Products Due To Mislabeling And Undeclared Allergen

Arthur Dogswell LLC Voluntarily Recalls Catswell Brand Vitakitty Chicken Breast With Flaxseed And Vitamins Because Of Possible Health Risk

GH Foods CA Initiates Voluntary Recall of Products That Contain Yellow Onions Because of Potential Health Risk

Whole Foods Market® in FLORIDA issues voluntary recall of prepared foods items made with raw onions due to potential health risk

Cool Creations, LLC Recalls Specific Packages Of Products Containing Onions Because Of Possible Health Risk Due To Gills Onions Expanded Recall

Staphylococcus Aureus In Quesito Colombiano, Colombian Style Cheese

Mississippi Firm Recalls Sausage Products For Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination

Florida Firm Recalls Chicken Wrap Products Due To Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination

Wegmans Recalls Chilled Prepared Foods that Contain Diced White Onions Sold at Three Pennsylvania Stores Only

California Firm Recalls BBQ Chicken Salads for Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination

A look at recent airline industry earnings

Earnings schedule for week of 7/30/2012

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Apple, Samsung face off in US court over patents to iPhones, iPads

SEC says Chinese firm illegally traded on oil deal

Friday, July 27, 2012

VIDEO: "Always" - Obama for America TV Ad

VIDEO: "Women's Choices" - Obama for America TV Ad

VIDEO: "I Believe" - Obama for America TV Ad

VIDEO: "It's OK" (TV Ad)

American Political News for Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Election

In Presidential Race, Public Opinion Hasn't Budged

Marco Rubio to raise cash for Mitt Romney in Texas

Poll: More know Romney’s religion than Obama’s

Michigan Miscellany

Pennsylvania Miscellany

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Insight: Cautious on Syria, Obama moves to help rebels

Obama to sign Israel security bill on eve of Romney visit

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Romney Aims Tough Talk At China, And Obama

Romney NAACP video panned

Romney resume from 2002 in focus amid Olympic rift

Other News

Congress pushes for terrorist label for Haqqani

White House plays down prospect of new gun laws

Estate tax debate heats up in tax fight

U.S. agency questions Canadian port security

U.S. considers direct strikes against al-Qaeda in Mali

Congress nears year-end funding deal

US has a very important relationship with India: White House

Government signs on insurers to fight healthcare fraud

U.S. to let Myanmar import ban expire, at least temporarily

Defense cuts could hit civilian workforce

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

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NYSE Market Movers: Most Active

NYSE Market Movers: Advances

NYSE Market Movers: Declines

Most Active Stocks

Unusual Volume: Up on Unusual Volume

Down on Unusual Volume

Stock futures signal higher open; focus on data

US Economy

Exclusive: Treasury Secretary urged to investigate ZTE

U.S. economy records slowest growth in a year


Oil rises towards $106 on euro zone, QE hopes

Oil extends rise after ECB head vows to save euro

US Companies/Industry

Facebook revenue growth skids, shares plunge

Exclusive: U.S. weighs retail sweep after Wal-Mart bribery scandal

Amazon profit margin rises as new businesses grow

Ford recalls 484,600 Escape SUVs for throttle problem

Tesco cuts jobs at U.S. Fresh & Easy chain

Google unveils ultrafast Internet/TV in Kansas City

Starbucks cuts outlook as world economy struggles

California Firm Recalls Chicken and Yam Pie Products Due to Misbranding and an Undeclared Allergen

Motion Sensing Security Lights Recalled by HeathCo due to Electrical Shock Hazard Sold Exclusively at Home Depot

Land O'Lakes Purina Feed LLC Announces Voluntary Recall Of Certain Poultry Feeds Due To Lack Of Added Vitamin D






Merck quarterly earnings beat forecasts

Thursday, July 26, 2012

American Political News for Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Election

Security flaws could taint 2012 US election: report

The Most Awesomely Unusual Super PAC Names

Veep Beat: VP Contender Tour Kicks Off

U.S. Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of Obama

Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008

David Cameron 'angered US conservatives' with 'unprecedented' election-year embrace of Barack Obama

2012 presidential debate details revealed

Latino support for President Obama holds steady

NJ-2012 President: 50% Obama (D), 42% Romney (R) (Monmouth 7/18-22)

MO-2012 President: 49% Romney (R), 40% Obama (D), 2% Johnson (L) (We Ask America 7/24)

Conservative Majority Fund PAC Airs Birther Campaign Ad Hitting All Obama Conspiracy Theories

Ad Rates Are Now Really High in Swing States

In reversal, GOP puts Obama on defense for a bit

Gun violence shifts to forefront of campaign

In Texas Senate runoff, Tea Party seeks another upset

Race and Ethnicity Never Far from Presidential Campaign

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Can Obama defuse the 'you didn't build that' attacks?

Aurora shootings: Obama calls for 'common sense' over guns

Obama calls for changes to U.S. gun laws

Obama pledges to work with Congress on violence

Obama addresses gun control for first time since Aurora shootings

Obama announces new education program focused on African Americans

Pro-Obama SuperPAC Takes Aim At Romney's 'Olympic Gold'

Obama’s win-big-or-go-home problem

Obama: Gun Laws Should Be ‘Common Sense’

Vice President Joe Biden

Joe Biden carries the message to the Democratic core

Biden to Firefighters: 'The Progress We've Made Is in Jeopardy'

Biden to firefighters: GOP doesn't understand you

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Romney Trip Off to Inauspicious Start

Romney Disavows 'Anglo-Saxon' Remarks, But White House Pounces

Romney says he opposes greater gun restrictions

Romney camp accuses Biden of pushing 'falsehood' after reported 'Anglo-Saxon' comment

First Thoughts: London calling

Romney fights to retain economy as trump card

Part Of Romney's Foreign Itinerary: Raising Money

Romney: 'Many' of suspect's weapons were illegal

Romney seeks Virginia voter form probe

Mitt Romney scraps Marco Rubio’s Colorado trip

Veep Sheet: Mitt Romney yet to decide

New Hampshire Union Leader: Mitt Romney Should Release More Of His Tax Returns

Mitt Romney salutes U.S.-British relationship, steers around Olympics controversy

Mitt Romney Bain Capital Claims Don't Hold Up To Evidence

Mitt Romney in London: live

Mitt Romney questions whether Britain is ready for Olympic Games

MPs tell Barclays to stop fundraising for Mitt Romney

Romney goes to Europe, causes international stir

Romney’s Veepstakes: Searching for Mr. (or Ms.) Right

Romney's Gun 'Gaffe' Really More of a Dodge

Gary Johnson 2012 Presidential Campaign

Does Gary Johnson deserve a spot in the presidential debates?

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

Retiring Ron Paul may distract from Romney fanfare at convention

Ron Paul’s legacy celebrated after House votes to audit Federal Reserve

Other News

Government, insurers to tackle health care fraud

Pentagon still grappling with rules of cyberwar

Senate passes tax cuts for all but the richest

Senate OKs Dem tax-cut bill in showdown with GOP

GOP senators launch tour warning of defense cuts

US House passes Fed audit bill; measure seen dying in Senate

USDA under fire for backing 'meatless Mondays,' linking ranching to climate change

Offshore drilling plan rejected by House GOP

US House panel approves bill to upgrade Russia trade relations

Top White House counterterrorism aide in Israel

US plans $4.2 bn Patriot missile sale to Kuwait

GOP bill has major typo on jobless rate

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

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NYSE Market Movers: Overview

NYSE Market Movers: Most Active

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Most Active Stocks

Unusual Volume: Up on Unusual Volume

Down on Unusual Volume

Wall Street climbs at open on Draghi comments

Facebook shares pressured by Zynga ahead of results

Zynga shares slump as Facebook changes raise concerns

Facebook to issue its first earnings report today

Early Glance: Silver companies

Early Glance: Gold companies

Early Glance: Coal companies

Dow Jones average jumps 240 points after European Central Bank vows to keep the euro intact

US Economy

US jobless claims fall; durables ex-transport down

Durable goods orders ex-transportation fall in June

Jobless claims fall, still volatile due to auto jobs

US jobless claims drop by 35,000 to 353,000

US commercial paper market grows 3rd straight week

Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Treasuries

Bond yields rise after data

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

U.S. Treasury to sell $60 bln in notes


Brent falls below $104, gloomy demand outlook weighs

U.S., Brent crude extend gains after data

US says food prices to soar due to drought

US natgas futures hold early gains after neutral EIA stocks data

Oil prices rise as ECB head vows to save euro

US natural gas supplies grew last week

Grains futures mostly fall, livestock prices rise

Real Estate Market

New home sales tumble but upward trend intact

Credit/Stock/Company Rating

Fitch affirms KKR Financial Holdings at 'BBB'

S&P summary: Atlanta Gas Light Co.

Fitch rates LifePoint Hospitals loan 'BB+'

Fitch rates Bristol-Myers Squibb's senior notes 'A'

Fitch affirms Comerica's IDRs at 'A/F1'

S&P rates Toys 'R' Us senior notes

US Companies/Industry

Exxon Mobil quarterly profit rises 49 percent

Apple's invincibility fades on iPhone miss, global woes

Dow Chemical 2Q profit falls as weaker demand leads to lower prices; hurt by Europe softness

United Technologies merger will require asset sale

3M net income up in 2Q despite lower sales

Sprint loss widens, but revenue beats estimates

Dana Holding earnings beat expectations, forecast lowered

Merger issues still plague United; 2Q profit falls

Weakening Europe again whacks Dow Chemical profit

Colgate quarterly profit rises, forecast maintained

Kimberly-Clark, Colgate results show resilience

Google, eBay, Amazon, Facebook back new lobbying group

Icahn-controlled CVR Energy fails to find bidders

Gills Onions Expands Voluntary Recall of Diced and Slivered Red and Yellow Onions, and Diced Onion and Celery Mix Because of Possible Health Risk

Sartori Inspirations Issues Voluntary Recall of Limited Number of Ciolo Branded Dips and Spreads Because of Potential Health Risk

Spillson's LTD. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Soy and Wheat Flour in Texas BBQ Beef Sandwiches



Soft drink companies racing for a new sweet spot

Royal Caribbean posts 2Q loss, slashes forecast

Apple will rebound, most — but not all — analysts say

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Gov't: Burlington Coat Factory to pay $1.5M fine

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

American Political News for Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Election

Will the 2012 campaign be a record for lies – and charges of lying?

In Midwest, fight over labor unions to be at heart of 2012 election

RNC Steps Up ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Attacks

Obama's Character Edge Offsets Romney's Economic Advantage

Both Obama and Romney increasing unpopular

Poll Shows Tough Landscape for Incumbents

Senate race in Massachusetts costliest in the US this year

First Thoughts: Two opposing forces

Gingrich: Rice would be strong VP

Veep Sheet: Gov. Bob McDonnell 'incredibly able'

Obama Leads Romney, But Both Candidates' Negatives Grow


Obama leads in Michigan and Pennsylvania

New Mexico miscellaneous

Iowa miscellaneous

49 percent Americans prefer Obama over Romney at 43 percent for White House: Poll

US elections: unpicking the polls – Obama holds on to national edge

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Has Obama sold out his gun-control principles?

Is Obama spending his campaign money too fast?

Obama super PAC uses Olympics to attack Romney

Obama gets personal on Planned Parenthood

Obama: Mitt Romney 'You Didn't Build That' Ads Are 'Flat-Out Wrong'

White House says Obama could address gun control issue

Obama attacks Romney on tax cuts for wealthier Americans

Obama: Romney "twisting my words" over small business remark

Obama gambles popularity on negative ad barrage

Vice President Joe Biden

Biden adds pressure for middle-class tax cut

That’s Joe Biden on the line, pushing for middle-class tax cuts

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Let The Games Begin: Mitt Romney Lands In London

Romney Advisers Tell Brits Obama ‘Comfortable With American Decline’

Mitt Romney criticises Barack Obama's stance on Israel and Iran

Mitt Romney would restore 'Anglo-Saxon' relations between Britain and America

Romney, speaking to VFW, slams Obama on leaks, planned defense budget cuts

One Romney adviser still hoping for VP Rubio

Scott Walker knocks Mitt Romney campaign

Romney slams Obama on security leaks

Mitt Romney accuses Barack Obama of 'lecturing' Israel

Romney seeks independent probe of White House leak

Romney: Release intelligence leaks probe before Election Day

Romney’s Foreign Policy Blame Game: Criticize the Other Guy

Summer 2012: Travels With Mitt Romney

Romney Campaign Disputes 'Anglo-Saxon Heritage' Remark

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul's swan song

Other News

Healthcare ruling to save billions of dollars, says CBO

Senate ready for symbolic showdown on tax cuts

Congress eyes probe into Army program

Budget office: Obama's health law reduces deficit

Reid Pushes for Cybersecurity Debate

U.S. unions urge tougher enforcement in Russia trade bill

Obama, Biden accuse GOP of holding hostage middle class tax cuts

Pa.'s tough, new voter ID law lands in court

Pa. Won't Use Voter Fraud Argument At Hearing Over ID Law

Report: Congressional Gridlock Has Cost $1.3 Billion

Parties sound familiar themes before tax vote

Defense chief Panetta bemoans looming defense cuts

Christie signs bill to boost New Jersey's solar industry

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

CBOE Most Actives & Gainers/Losers - Equity Options

CBOE Most Actives & Gainers/Losers - Index Options

CBOE Most Actives & Gainers/Losers

CBOE Futures Exchange Daily Market Statistics

NYSE Market Movers: Overview

NYSE Market Movers: Most Active

NYSE Market Movers: Advances

NYSE Market Movers: Declines

Most Active Stocks

Unusual Volume: Up on Unusual Volume

Down on Unusual Volume

Wall Street set to rise on stimulus hopes; Apple weighs

Apple shares dive after Q3 results miss expectations

Stocks mostly higher; Boeing, Caterpillar lift Dow

Nasdaq, S&P 500 fall on data, Apple; Dow up on earnings

Apple share price drop seen as buying chance as iPhone 5 looms

Early Glance: Silver companies

Early Glance: Gold companies

Early Glance: Coal companies

US Economy

Geithner warns Congress of risks to US economy

2 hearings will serve grilled Geithner

U.S. weekly power output sinks 6 pct yr/yr - EEI

Major Central Bank Meetings for 2012

Geithner says did all he could to address Libor problem

US: 0.15 FedFunds 2012-07-24 NYFed daily fed funds effective rate

US: $4.999B CouponPurchase 2012-07-25 NYFed permanent open market operations

Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Treasuries

Yields rise as central bank hopes boost riskier assets

U.S. corporate bond new issues


Oil gains, Middle East strife offsets Europe gloom

U.S. refinery shutdowns - Sinclair, Phillips 66, Tesoro

US natgas futures slip from 7-month high despite heat

Platinum plumbs deepest discount to gold in 7-1/2 months

Parched U.S. crops get rain, but more needed soon

Oil prices decline as US supplies rise

US crude oil supplies rise by 2.7 million barrels

Grains futures fall, livestock prices mixed

Oil near $89 ahead of US inventory figures

U.S. ethanol output falls to two-year low

US/Canada East power prices mostly higher

Brent crude up, US oil pares loss on Middle East, stimulus hope

US Dollar, Currency

US Dollar Rallies Despite Severely Disappointing June Housing Data

Real Estate Market

US new-home sales fall to 350K, 5-month low

New home sales post biggest drop in over one year

U.S. housing market lays new foundation

Credit/Stock/Company Rating

S&P: Ford's ratings, outlook unaffected by Q2 results

US Companies/Industry

Ford second-quarter profit beats estimates, sees $1 billion loss in Europe

Ford profit falls 57 pct to $1 billion in 2Q as European losses swamp strong North America

Ford sees smaller 2012 profit; eyes $1 billion loss in Europe

European losses hurt Ford 's 2Q profit

Boeing profit up on rising plane deliveries

Lilly beats second quarter profit view

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHLB 2012 note calendar

ConocoPhillips profit drops as prices, output weaken

Generic rivals to Plavix, other drugs hurt Bristol-Myers 2Q results, but new drugs sell well

PepsiCo's profit falls 21 per cent as restructuring costs, stronger dollar eat into results

PepsiCo's profit hit by China deal, strong dollar

Apple's reports lower-than-expected rise in Q3 profits

Universal seeks EMI solution to please regulators, investors

Caterpillar boosts outlook, remains cautious on growth

WellPoint cuts outlook as 2Q profit falls 8.3 pct

US Airways profit triples; fares up, fuel down

Toyota takes first-half global sales lead from GM

Boeing beats second-quarter profit estimates, raises forecast

PepsiCo earnings top Wall Street view

Apple's rivals swoop as iPhone China sales flag

New Mac operating system goes on sale Wednesday

LG Electronics' profit falls as mobile loses money

Netflix's 2Q numbers disappoint, stock tumbles

Mount Franklin Foods, LLC Issues Allergy Alert and Voluntary Recall for Undeclared Milk in Sunrise Indian Corn Candy

CRM Laboratories Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of X-ROCK 3 Day Pill For Men and Z-ROCK All Natural Male Supplement Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements to Support Male Sexual Performance Due to Undeclared Active Ingredients

Cass-Clay Creamery Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Allergens In Ice Cream

Peg Perego Recalls Strollers Due to Risk of Entrapment and Strangulation; One Child Death Reported

Kolcraft Recalls Contours Tandem Strollers Due to Fall and Choking Hazards


Airline bid to block consumer protections rejected

DuPont profit falls short of expectations

Reynolds American net income up on higher prices

JPMorgan to pay $100-million in credit card settlement

WellPoint cuts outlook as 2Q profit falls 8.3 pct

Mine Safety Appliances boosts 2Q profit

Wyndham Worldwide 2Q profit up, raises outlook

T. Rowe Price 2Q profit, revenue miss Street view

Rockwell Automation fiscal 3Q profit rises 6.2 pct

Earnings Preview: Merck & Co.

Stronger dollar weighs on Tupperware's 2Q

Amtrak plans $7 bln upgrade of Washington, DC, station

GM suspends output at unrest-hit plant in Brazil

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Apple says Samsung's demands for 2.4 percent royalty on selling price of Apple's Mobile products 'unfair'-U.S. court filing

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

VIDEO: These Hands

VIDEO: Tampered

VIDEO: These Aren't Gaffes

American Political News for Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Election

Little Election-Year Incentive For Obama Or Romney To Join Gun Debate

Obama, Romney jab anew, foreign affairs at fore

Obama vs. Romney: VFW hosting campaign side trip into foreign policy

Jewish voters: By the numbers

Veep Sheet: Golfing with Condi Rice

Romney to speak at Reno VFW conference, Obama to Portland, Seattle | July 24 schedules

Obama Attacks On Taxes, Bain Hit Mitt Romney's Ratings: Poll

Up for Grabs: North Carolina's New Role as a 2012 Swing State

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama to Republicans: stop playing politics with military

Obama Defends Foreign Policy Record, Declares 'New Era' of US Leadership

Barack Obama warns Assad not to make 'tragic mistake' of using chemical weapons

Obama lays out choice in new ad

Obama pushes back on 'you didn't build that' attack

Barack Obama And Guns: How A Vocal Advocate Went Quiet

Why Obama's Jewish margin in Florida could be critical

Obama's Personal Campaign Ad: Confident or Defensive?

Changing the tone

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

N2K Presidential Race: Romney Looks to Burnish Foreign Policy Chops

Romney: Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Romney Says Policy Discussion About Gun Control Should Wait

Romney says new gun laws would not "make a difference"

Romney Tells California Business Roundtable He's No Career Politician

Mitt Romney to visit Britain as part of six-day tour

How super PACs are saving Mitt Romney

The hidden Mitt Romney

Romney focusing on military and foreign policy

Romney says security leaks 'political,' calls for probe into 'contemptible' conduct

Mitt Romney Calls Leak Of Bin Laden Information Political

Mitt Romney under pressure to define foreign policy on overseas tour

Romney to Revive the Charge that Obama's an Appeaser

Romney accuses Obama of classified material leaks

Other News

Feinstein suggests some in White House leaked info

Ohio rep. returns donations caught up in FBI probe

Congress passes bill boosting pilots' rights

House leader says facts first before any gun bill

Politicians Shy Away From New Gun Control Efforts

Defense Cuts: How Do You Buy 1.8 Submarines?

US, China hold two days of human rights talks

U.S. shifting Syria focus from U.N. diplomacy to aiding rebels

US rebukes Syria over chemical weapons threat

Clinton says not too late for Assad to negotiate exit

No timetable for easing import ban on Myanmar: U.S. official

Japan bans US war planes over safety concerns

U.S. commander accused of stalling Afghan hospital abuse probe

Senate to consider stronger cybersecurity measures

Justice Department opens investigation into Pennsylvania voter ID law

House GOP questions legal grounds for changes to welfare work requirements

John Boehner: I Agree With Obama That We Shouldn't Have New Gun Laws

Obama aide holds talks in China after Syria veto

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Dow Jones to sell newswires through WSJ.com - CEO

Stock index futures signal lower open; TI eyed

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. Joins OTCQX

US stocks edge lower for third straight day

Early Glance: Gold companies

Early Glance: Silver companies

Early Glance: Coal companies

Stocks slump for a 3rd day as earnings slide

US Economy

S&P 500 Again on the Verge of Bearish Breakout, Dollar Aiming Higher

Debt ceiling battle tab: $1 billion-plus

Nassau County, NY, cutting 200 jobs to close deficit

White House: Families' taxes could go up $1,600

Canada to be accused of luring cargo from U.S. ports, sources say

US manufacturing growth slowest in 19 months-Markit

Economic Confidence Improves Slightly in Past Week

Geithner hopeful a fiscal crisis can be averted

Washington must act to avoid damaging economy: Geithner

Timothy Geithner denies he's cozy with banks

US: 0.14 FedFunds 2012-07-23 NYFed daily fed funds effective rate

US: $1.810B CouponPurchase 2012-07-24 NYFed permanent open market operations

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Treasury bill rates mixed at weekly auction

Debt ceiling fight cost U.S. Treasury $1.3 billion: GAO

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

Yields rise before $99 bln in supply

NY licenses new insurer for mutual bonds

Yields hit record lows in safety buying


European turmoil pushes down oil prices

Gold retreats in line with euro, stocks

Oil above $103 after China data; Europe weighs

Oil stabilizes as China shows signs of recovery

Oil rises towards $104 on China data; euro zone weighs

U.S. natgas futures climb to 7-month high

U.S. ranchers sell cattle as drought spreads

Grains futures fall, livestock prices mixed

U.S. natural gas futures cling to gains for 5th day

Oil seesaws as euro zone worries counter China data

NY cotton ends down as weak outside markets weigh

U.S. crude ends up; weighs China, euro zone data

Credit/Stock/Company Rating

S&P rates Coca-Cola Enterprises notes 'BBB'

S&P rates FedEx notes 'BBB'

US Companies/Industry

BofA, Wells Fargo rolling out new mobile banking services

TI sees third-quarter revenue hurt by weak orders

Ford sees supplier flaw at root of 2013 Escape recall

Google and Facebook boost federal lobbying in second-quarter

Exclusive: Apple, Samsung chiefs disagree on patent values - source

Cisco to cut about 1,300 jobs

Exclusive: Parts retailer Carquest explores $2 billion sale - sources

Chesapeake Energy selling Barnett Shale acreage

More airlines go along with latest airfare hike, likely to end 3-month lull in price increases

Apple options beckon eager investors, no matter how small

Apple plays waiting game on $78-billion in overseas profits

AT&T to report results for second quarter, follows strong showing by Verizon

Michigan lawmakers call for action in Chesapeake-Encana probe

DuPont cautious on 2012, Q2 net profit falls


Iraq blacklists Chevron for Kurdistan deals

US chain store sales +1.0 pct last week-ICSC

Lockheed raises 2012 guidance as Q2 net tops view

US FDA staff questions dosing of Roche eye drug

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac 2012 bill sale calendar

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHLB 2012 note calendar

UPS misses estimates, cuts 2012 outlook; shares fall

Peabody Energy, world's biggest private-sector coal company, reports lower 2Q earnings

Tobacco company Reynolds American 2Q net income surges more than 35 pct on higher prices

Wal-Mart urges retailers to reject $6B settlement with Visa, MasterCard over card fees

Marlboro maker Altria's 2nd-qtr net nearly triples on higher prices, year-ago comparison

Ohio refinery ops at normal rates after planned work:Husky

Apple heads into choppy waters as new iPhone awaited

Ryder posts higher 2Q profit, raises 2012 forecast

Western Union 2nd qtr profit rises; stock up

Ceradyne 2Q earnings disappoint, shares drop

'Tough' 2Q expected for United Technologies

Apple to release earnings after the bell

Wal-Mart urges retailers to reject $6B credit card fee deal

EU warms to Google antitrust concessions

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

German court issues split decision in Apple-Samsung fight over tablet computers