Monday, January 23, 2012

American Political News for Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Election

Florida's Winner-Take-All Primary Heats Up GOP Race

Florida pollsters expect tight race between Gingrich and Romney

Embarrassing Financial Revelations from Past Candidates

President Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama has mixed record on planned State of the Union goals

Obama to 'hang out' in Google chat to discuss State of the Union

State of the Union: Obama's big campaign speech

State of Union: Obama to take on economic anxiety

Obama to deliver budget on February 13, delayed one week

Obama: World united to address Iran nuclear threat

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Fresh off South Carolina Loss, Romney Lets Loose on Gingrich as ‘Failed Leader’

New state, new strategy as Romney comes out swinging

Romney Criticizes Gingrich: He Resigned In 'Disgrace'

Mitt Romney searches for debate ‘moment’

Mitt Romney faces a perfect mess

Romney attacks Gingrich on Freddie Mac work, ties rival to Florida housing slump

How Mitt Romney’s tax returns became a political boil that needed to be lanced

Is Romney a tax cutter?

Romney’s 24-point swing

Romney looks to hit back at Gingrich in Florida

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul Looking Past Florida Primary 2012 To Focus On Caucus States

Rick Santorum 2012 Presidential Campaign

Santorum touches down in Florida

Rick Santorum: I'm only real pro-lifer

Rick Santorum turns heat on Newt Gingrich in Florida

Santorum says Obama pushes doctors from Medicare

Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Campaign

Newt Gingrich: The master of disguise

Newt Gingrich vs.the Establishment: South Carolina Sets Up Intra-GOP Conflict

How Newt Gingrich Changes GOP Race With S.C. Win


US drone strike in Pakistan 'kills five militants'

Pakistan rejects US self-defense claim on strikes

Other News

US looks to Africa to help increase pressure on Iran

US Supreme Court blocks Calif. slaughterhouse law

New U.N. council no more favorable to Palestinians: U.S.

Boycott of State of the Union is Disrespectful

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

Futures higher as Wall Street looks to extend rally

Sector Snap: Coal Miners


Oil up as EU embargoes Iran oil; natural gas soars

Oil price up as Iran threatens to block shipments

US Dollar, Currency

EUR/USD Classical Technical Report 01.23

NZD/USD Classical Technical Report 01.23

US Dollar Losses Accelerate on Euro Euphoria- British Pound Lags

Forex Strategy Outlook: US Dollar Set to Fall Further as Vols Tumble

US Companies/Industry

Williams-Sonoma names 2 new members to board

Yahoo's 4Q results expected to be another downer

Halliburton 4Q profit jumps 50 pct

Apache buying Cordillera Energy in $2.85B deal

AMR to take $713M charge against 2011 earnings

Texas Instruments says chip demand back

VMware 4Q profit climbs 67 percent

Fannie, Freddie writedowns too costly: regulator

Tuesday Morning's profit, revenue fall

$25B nationwide mortgage deal goes to states

Starbucks to sell beer, wine in Atlanta, Southern California

Chesapeake to cut natural gas production

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Macy's sues Martha Stewart Living

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