Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama says he, Congress leaders reach deal

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Associated Press

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have reached an agreement with him to raise the government's debt ceiling and avoid a default.

Obama told the nation on television that more than $2 trillion in spending cuts will be imposed gradually so they don't create a drag on the economy.

He said the spending cuts will reduce government spending to the lowest level it has been since when Dwight Eisenhower was president in the 1950s. He said there will be no initial cuts to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. But he said both could be on the table along with changes in tax law as part of future cuts.

American Political News for Sunday, July 31, 2011

2012 Election

Dem group raises $5M to counter Republican ads

Herman Cain dominates Denver straw poll; Rick Perry second

Rick P erry

Rick Perry Supports Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage

Perry Backs Constitutional Marriage Amendment, But Says Focus Is on Jobs

Rick Perry backs constitutional limit on marriage

Sarah Huckabee says Perry hasn't been 'vetted'

Team Perry

Jon Huntsman

Negativity conflicts with Huntsman's persona

Huntsman to appear at Tea Party town hall in SC


Iraq says it will buy 36 US fighter jets

Analysis: Kurds serve warning as U.S. withdrawal nears


U.S. fears Ramadan offensive

In Afghanistan, plan sought in Oct. for US exit


US, Europe warn Assad over Syria crackdown

'Appalled' Obama vows to isolate Assad

Obama says U.S. appalled by Syria brutality

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Obama announces deal to avert US default

Obama says he, Congress leaders reach deal

Obama says cuts will not come too quickly

Obama announces deal reached to end debt crisis

Obama urges members of both parties to support deal

Obama, Congress reach a debt deal

Sen. Reid OKs GOP-Obama debt deal

House Democrats might not back debt deal: Pelosi

Bipartisan debt limit plan will be unveiled Monday: Reid

Congressional Sources: Republicans and Democrats Reach Tentative Debt Deal

The Potential Speed Bump on the Path to a Deficit Deal

The Note -- Special ‘Countdown To Crisis’ Edition -- Are We There Yet?

Reid Says Debt Ceiling Process Has NOT Moved Forward, McConnell Stands By Optimism

14th Amendment Back-Up Plan Resurfaces In Senate Debt Ceiling Debate

Republicans and White House Fully Engaged as the Clock Winds Down

Reid Dismisses GOP Letter Against His Bill, Says His Bill Is 'Only Game In Town'

US debt crisis: Democrats and Republicans close in on deal

US debt crisis: compromise deal talks go down to the wire

Suddenly, a late stab at debt-limit compromise to avert US default _ after weeks of sniping

White House, McConnell ‘very close’ to debt deal

Back at center of debt debate, Obama faces politically precarious task

House Republican to Obama: Stop Tweeting About the Debt Ceiling

White House: Treasury Preparing 'Contingency Plan' on Debt Ceiling

White House, Republicans Reach for Debt Deal With Senate Vote Looming

White House, GOP Discuss Potential Debt Limit Pact

Boehner's District Assesses His Role In Debt Talks

Endgame Begins In Debt Ceiling Talks

Markets Teeter As Tuesday's Debt Deadline Nears

Whispers Grow Of A Debt Deal

Senate heads to showdown on raising debt limit

Senate GOP votes to watch in debt-limit drama

U.S. default could deliver swift hit to consumers

Congress closing in on a deal to avert US default

Frantic US debt talks near deal: top senator

Rep. Clyburn to Obama: Invoke 14th Amendment, Raise Debt Ceiling

Don’t raise the debt ceiling, says Gary Johnson: Pain today beats economic collapse tomorrow

Other News

Pakistan puts travel curbs on US diplomats

Conflicts in Libya and Syria Offer U.S. No Easy Answers

States ponder: What happens when the money stops?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

American Political News for Saturday, July 30, 2011

2012 Election

Paul hits Bachmann, who hits Obama and Pelosi

Rick Santorum takes on Rick Perry

Barack Obama

Where the Tweets Have Too Many Names: Thousands of Followers Un-Follow @BarackObama

Obama: Famine In East Africa Needs Global Response

Obama echoes East Africa's pleas for help

Outside fundraising groups supporting Obama, Democrats raised $10 million

Rick Perry

Perry stresses personal opposition to gay marriage

Perry stresses personal opposition to gay marriage but doesn’t refute earlier comment about NY

Tim Pawlenty

WHO's Simon Conway apologizes to Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty's new Iowa buzzword: 'Bobblehead'

Tim Pawlenty aims for strong showing in Iowa

Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman assails Obama, Romney for lack of leadership

Huntsman praises House for debt vote, dings rivals


Tribal sheikh among three killed in US-Iraq raid

Iraq says to buy 36 F-16 fighters from U.S

Iraq less safe than a year ago: US watchdog

Iraq PM pushes US training mission, F-16 deal


Pakistan puts travel curbs on US diplomats

Top US officials debate drone strikes in Pakistan

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Debt Debate Drama: Senate Slaps Down House Bill, Clock Ticks on Compromise

Debt Debacle: Now What?

Governors United in Anger on Debt Ceiling Stalemate, Divided on Who to Blame

US president urges quick debt compromise

US debt crisis: Democrats say Republicans refusing to negotiate

Relationship between President Obama, House Speaker Boehner tested in debt ceiling fight

Senate headed for critical debt vote Sunday

Crisis debt-limit bill makes it through GOP House but is rejected in Senate _ compromise next?

Freshman Rep. Griffith struggles with debt limit vote

Debt Fight Tests Leadership of Obama, Boehner

Washington Races to Resolve Debt Crisis Amid Last-Minute Political Jockeying

Troops ask amid debt crisis: Will we get paid?

Obama Presses Both Chambers For Debt Compromise

High Drama Dominates Debt Ceiling Talks

Harry Reid scrambling for 60 votes

Harry Reid debt ceiling bill to be targeted by House on Saturday

Obama demands plan by Tuesday

US 'almost out of time' for debt deal: Obama

Other News

Libya and Syria offering US no easy answers

US and North Korea conclude 'constructive' talks

Tea Party Lawmaker Questioned After Reports of Unpaid Child Support

On tea party bandwagon, DeMint in driver's seat

Bush to be in NYC to mark 10th anniversary of 9/11

Friday, July 29, 2011

American Political News for Friday, July 29, 2011

2012 Election

The Debt Ceiling and 2012

Ron Paul calls on supporters to lobby GOP leadership for no compromise

Sarah Palin stokes GOP divisions over debt limit

Barack Obama

Obama back in spotlight to announce auto deal

Obama to speak about vehicle fuel economy

Obama unveils sharp increase in auto fuel economy

Obama to discuss status of debt ceiling talks

Wall Street rises after Obama speech

Obama to host four African leaders

Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman says he's pro-green, pro-Boehner

Huntsman backs Boehner plan, hits GOP candidates

Jon Huntsman attracts flash mob of tourists

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Thune on Debt Ceiling Deal: ‘It’s Gonna Happen”

House GOP Meeting Early Friday, Believe They Have Votes to Pass Bill

Markets slide as Republican rift adds to US default fears

IMF chief warns of dollar decline if no US debt deal

US debt crisis: political factions that will influence the deal

China state media agency Xinhua criticises US on debt

Struggling With Debt, Congress Talks Defense Cuts

Boehner's Bill In Limbo As GOP Tries To Regroup

As Deadline Looms, Debt Deal Eludes Congress

'Dogged' GOP Freshmen A Factor In Debt Debate

After Another Delay, What's Next For Debt Plan?

Colo. Sen. Bennet On House Effort To Pass Debt Bill

Sanders: 'No wonder' public is angry

The tea party's terrorist tactics

Treasury may delay payment plan

Debt crisis and what it means for Obama

Why U.S. credit rating doesn’t matter

As debt ceiling deadline looms, default or compromise?

US debt crisis: Boehner's vote blunder edges US closer to the brink

US debt crisis: Republicans abandon vote as deadline looms

Congressman: Boehner bill gets support overnight

House Republicans to meet Friday morning: Rep. Pence

Struggling with debt, Congress talks defense cuts

Progressives strike back in debt ceiling ad wars

By The Numbers: Why It's So Hard To Get To Compromise

The Note: Down The Rabbit Hole: Where Does Congress Go From Here?

Obama urges Senate to forge compromise on debt limit, rejects House efforts

Debt ceiling debate shows GOP at war with itself

Reid Moves Forward With Debt-Reduction Plan as Boehner Sweetens Deal for GOP

Boehner Tries to Get Plan Back on Track

Boehner rewrites his bill, Obama pleads for pact

Other News

Iraq PM due before MPs as US troop talks cancelled

Arrested US soldier 'admits to terror plot'

Russia draws up blacklist of US government officials banned from country

House GOP targets songs and sunburns

SEC plan for shareholders draws criticism

First-term Senate Democrat disgusted with Congress

Exclusive: Kal Penn on Working for White House's Public Engagement: 'Change Is Not a Light Switch'

Hatch vs. Chaffetz Looks to Be a Brutal Battle

US economy: GDP growth much weaker than thought

US, N. Korea hold second day of nuclear talks

Thursday, July 28, 2011

American Political News for Thursday, July 28, 2011

2012 Election

Debt ceiling debate causes turmoil for 2012 hopefuls

Gingrich campaign t-shirts: Not 'Made in the USA'

Pataki says he’s ‘considering’ WH run

George Pataki thinks only George Pataki can beat Obama in 2012

Sarah Palin waves primary threat at House GOP

Huntsman: 'Conservation is conservative'

Barack Obama

Emails Reveal Obama Was One Not to Invite Kentucky Gov. Beshear to Meet with Navy SEAL Team

Poll: 4 in 10 approve of Obama's job on debt-ceiling talks

Obama appointee at Labor resigns after ethics probe

Lead birther Orly Taitz still on case, questioning Obama’s Social Security number

Obama losing sleep as debt deal goes down to wire

Herman Cain

Herman Cain hosts meeting with Muslim leaders

Muslim leaders meet with Herman Cain

Herman Cain leads in Fox airtime

Cain apologizes to Muslim Americans

Rick Perry

Rick Perry's regional appeal

Analysis: Rick Perry run would test Romney's mettle

Rick Perry: Gay marriage 'not fine with me'

Rick Perry scoping Fox debate in Iowa

Judge Tosses Suit Seeking to Stop Gov. Perry's Sponsorship of Texas Prayer Rally

GOP Voters Who Are Paying Attention Favor Rick Perry

Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty aides work double duty for Ames Straw Poll

Tim Pawlenty spending on buses

Iowa radio host accuses Tim Pawlenty of seeking dirt on Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann doesn't believe dire warnings about default

Michele Bachmann joins CPAC Florida lineup

Michele Bachmann lobs 'dictator' charge

Bachmann warns of 'dictator' Obama

Michele Bachmann Deflects Questions About Her Husband’s Clinic, Acknowledges That ‘Every Jot And Tittle Of My Life Will Be Fully’ Inspected

Michele Bachmann distances herself from reality

Michelle Bachmann still a ‘no’ on John Boehner’s debt plan

Bachmann says she, not husband, running for office

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney addressing super PAC fundraisers

Pat Robertson appears at Mitt Romney fundraiser

Mitt Romney isn’t the GOP presidential nominee, but he’s campaigning like he is

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Officials Will Brief Public on Which Bills Will Be Paid, Which Not, After Markets Close Friday

Last-Ditch 14th Amendment Plan Gains Momentum As Debt Clock Ticks

US debt crisis: markets focus on implications of a default

Global markets slide on rising US default fears as Congress 'sleepwalks into debt debacle'

Boehner and Reid rush to tweak their budget plans

House GOP sets vote on revamped debt-limit bill despite veto threat and naysaying Senate Dems

Five Members to watch in the House debt ceiling vote

The Note: Plan Z: Hoping For The Best, Preparing For The Worst

The Presidential Planner: What if There Is No Debt Deal?

Who's standing in the way of a US debt deal?

House heads to showdown on Boehner debt-limit plan

Mitch Daniels backs John Boehner debt ceiling bill

McCain rounds on 'Tea Party hobbits' in budget debate

Tea Party favorite blasts McCain for 'hobbit' rebuke

McCain refers to 'tea party hobbits,' blasts Bachmann-backed idea

States Warily Watch Debt-Ceiling Impasse

House GOP Set To Vote On Revamped Debt-Limit Bill

House GOP Debt Plan Faces Make-Or-Break Vote

Conservative Rep. Allen Backs Boehner's Plan

Utah Republican Finds House Debt Plan Lacking

In pursuit of a balanced budget

House GOP sets vote on revamped debt-limit bill

First-term Republican plans to vote no on Boehner

With Debt Vote Looming, House GOP Tries to Repair Its Fractured Coalition

Voter frustration grows as debt deadline looms

House debt ceiling bill does better on take 2

Lawmakers say leaders must break stalemate

John Boehner doesn't have votes locked down yet

Boehner Declares GOP Victory But Still Faces Tough Math

House may vote on Boehner debt bill near 6 p.m. EDT

Senate to Vote on the Boehner Bill Tonight, If it Passes in the House

House GOP Looks to Trim Environmental Rules in Budget Bill

Sen. Mike Lee Predicts Debt-Ceiling Deal, Weighs in on Utah Senate Race

Under Pressure & Trading Blame: Senate Leaders Accuse Each Other's Party of 'Playing With Fire' for the Sake of Politics

No Democrats will vote for Boehner bill

With No Debt Limit Vote, House Turns To Naming Post Offices

D.C. Education: Tea Party Rep. Bobby Schilling Evolves on Debt Ceiling

Debt Showdown: End Game Approaches Without Clear Solution

New White House Line Of Defense: House GOP Bill Will Steal Christmas

John Boehner urges Senate to end US debt 'crisis'

Undecideds endure hard hours of lobbying on debt

Potential Debt Limit ‘Plan C’ Emerges, Democrats Say

House Postpones Vote On Boehner's Debt Ceiling Bill

China Fears U.S. Debt Default, But Has Few Options

Obama aide says premature to say if U.S. will prioritize debt

Other News

Sergei Magnitsky: Russia angry over US visa ban

US soldier Derrick Miller guilty of Afghanistan murder

Tea party rally on Capitol Hill draws thin crowd

Gov't: Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020

US to weigh NKorea's seriousness at talks

N. Korea, US to hold nuclear talks

Zimbabwe seeks to import US coins

US accuses Iran of 'secret' deal with al Qaeda to send money & fighters to Afghanistan & Pakistan

U.S. accuses Iran of aiding al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda 'nearing its end' says US special operations commander

Faith Leaders Arrested in US Capitol During Protest

US cannot say how many had communications watched

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debt Ceiling: Mood on Main Street

American Political News for Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2012 Election

GOP presidential candidates cool to Boehner

Some White House hopefuls balk at Boehner's plan

The 2012 argument for John Boehner's plan

2012 remainders: Intensity

Poll: Romney Out in Front Among Declared GOP 2012 Candidates

Poll: Perry is Romney's strongest GOP challenger

NAACP plans big effort to boost minority vote in 2012, says turnout is key to more power

Ron Paul raises most campaign cash from military workers

Barack Obama

Uzbek Ulugbek Kodirov accused of Obama death threats

Ted Strickland: 'Crazy'-sounding candidates can't beat Barack Obama

Obama wins stem cell lawsuit

Democrats say Obama should invoke 14th Amendment

Obama to announce new fuel economy standards Friday

Is Obama Headed for a Landslide Defeat?

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin on Debt Debate: 'More Obama Drama'

Palin: Obama's 'fear mongering'

Sarah Palin to Give Keynote at Iowa Tea Party Rally Over Labor Day Weekend

Sarah Palin to resurface again in Iowa

Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty now rejects John Boehner debt plan

Pawlenty NH booster flips to Romney

Tim Pawlenty punts on Boehner debt plan

Pawlenty struggles to step out of Bachmann’s shadow

Tim Pawlenty seeks Medicare plan

Rick Perry

Perry: Obama debt ceiling speech was condescending

Perry near the top in GOP 2012 race in second straight poll

New Hampshire delegation heads for Austin to meet with Rick Perry

Pro-Perry ads running in Iowa ahead of straw poll

Rick Perry Categorizes Abortion as a States' Rights Issue

Rick Perry to host two more Dinners next week

Rick Perry: Debt default not the end of the world

Rick Perry is not a frontrunner (yet)

Jon Huntsman

Huntsman blames slow start on 'dog days of summer'

Former Utah Gov. Huntsman concedes slow starts, blames performance on ‘dog days of summer’

Jon Huntsman: Obama offers DNC 'sound bites'

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney brings China message to Ohio

Romney makes another appearance outside of IA and NH

Mitt Romney's Measuring His White House Drapes

With an eye on general election, Romney focuses on Obama and economic woes

Mitt Romney ducks debt question

Romney, visiting Ohio factory, says Obama’s policies are bad for business

Romney vows tough stance on China trade

Romney looks past primary, campaigns against Obama

Herman Cain

Cain to hold Muslim roundtable following controversies

Herman Cain gets cut from rally

'Cut, Cap and Balance' rally cuts Herman Cain

Herman Cain mum on details about meeting with Muslim leaders


Iraq FM says country needs US help past 2011

Iraqi-Kurd force to take over in Kirkuk after U.S. withdrawal

Arrests prompt delays for Iraqis dreaming of US

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,473

Zebari hopeful some US troops can stay post 2011

US military officials in Iraq warn of growing Iranian threat

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Study: U.S. debt 5th largest among major economies

The Note: Getting To ‘Yes’: Can GOP Leaders Get Their Members To The Altar?

Debt Debate Continues: What to Expect Wednesday

Q&A: Default and federal workers

Obama struggles to remain a player in debt talks

Ads by Christian groups pressure lawmakers to protect the poor in debt talks

Federal employees are worried, angry about potential government default

Debt Debate Shades Richard Lugar’s Fight for Reelection

'Preparing for the Worst': GOP in House and Senate Call for Prioritizing Payments Post-Aug. 2 if No Deal

Debt Ceiling Crisis: Americans Fed Up

Frosh Rep. Mulvaney: ‘Struggling’ with Boehner Plan; Default is ‘Red Herring’

White House Issues Veto Threat Against Boehner Bill

Harry Reid: John Boehner's Plan is 'Dead on Arrival' in Senate

Hedge funds wade in to US debt debate

Cost of insuring against US default hits record high

Americans seek tax hikes, spending cuts in debt talks

US debt crisis: Republicans delay key vote

Boehner debt plan falters as Obama considers veto

House speaker’s Ohio neighbor leads conservative fight against compromise debt plan

Boehner, Reid appear to have given ground in debt proposals

Budget chaos

Can House GOP Pull off the Great Debt Caper?

Congress Faces Narrowing Options for Avoiding Credit Downgrade

Boehner Looks for More Savings to Offer in Debt Reduction Proposal

Analysts: Senate plan saves $2.2 trillion

First Thoughts: Boehner's boxed in

'Known unknowns' of Boehner's debt plan

Rep. Cole, Once Boehner's Rival, Backs House Plan

Lawmaker urges Obama to back trade deals plan

Conservative leader takes fight to his own party

Six Possible Paths Ahead in the Debt-Ceiling Debate

RNC ad paints future doomsday scenario

McConnell: Would the President Really 'Veto the Nation Into Default for Political Reasons?'

McCain Blasts Tea Party for 'Foolish' Demands in Debt Debate

John Boehner tries to rally Republicans to his debt plan

Treasury Department: Tuesday's debt ceiling deadline is real

U.S. credit downgrade worries Obama, Congress more than default

John Boehner faces a tea party revolt over debt-ceiling crisis

Tea Party: Cut, cap and balance - not compromise

Club for Growth Pres: GOP Reps shouldn’t 'fear the Club for Growth as much as they should fear their own constituents'

Tea Party Rep. Says Boehner Debt Ceiling Bill 'Will Garner Enough Support In The House'

Gridlock as US debt limit deadline nears

White House spokesman: time running out for debt compromise

US debt: Boehner tells Republicans to 'fall in line'

Tea Party Activists Revolt Against Boehner Amid Debt Crisis

S&P Official: Proposed Deficit-Reduction Plans Could Preserve Credit Rating

Republican Group Admits 'Inappropriate Emails' to Influence 'Undecideds' on Boehner Bill

A $1 trillion difference on war funding

Obama, White House seek to reassure base on debt ceiling talks

Vote on Boehner bill is showdown between House Republican purists and realists

House works to trim overseas spending

GOP leaders seek debt fix votes despite White House veto threat and internal tensions

Transparency Groups Assail House GOP Maneuver to Send Debt Bill to Senate

Other News

US ambassador condemns assassination of Kandahar mayor

After Britain, US considers Libya rebel embassy

Canadian firm's oilsands pipeline debated in U.S.

House votes to speed decision on oil pipeline

House passes bill to speed up oil sands pipe review

China warns US over spy planes

U.S. officials believe al-Qaeda on brink of collapse

Kerry lifts hold on cash promoting Cuba democracy

Ohio Voters to Decide on Opting Out of Health Care Law

US 'slaps travel ban on Russian officials implicated in Sergei Magnitsky death'

Lawmaker: 40 Americans Join Terrorists in Somalia

14 Female U.S. Senators Urge Saudi King to Overturn Driving Ban on Women

Credit rating execs to face congressional heat

Political Gridlock Renews Calls For Third Party

Obama and Bush pollsters: Gay marriage politically safe

Clinton, in letter, blasts bill restricting foreign aid

Postal Service names 3,700 post offices that could be closed

Rod Blagojevich asks for third trial over Senate fraud charges

Congressman arrested outside White House during deportation protest

Senate confirms Gary Locke as U.S. envoy to China

China protests against U.S. spy flights near its coast: report

North Korea demands peace treaty with US

US to weigh North Korea's seriousness at talks

N. Korea warns of new nuclear arms race ahead of US talks

U.S. judge upholds federal embryonic stem cell funds

Judge dismisses suit on federal stem cell research

NAACP head urges SC gov to remove Confederate flag

Venezuela criticizes 'extremist' US stances

Clinton tries to stop House aid bill

Warning on American-led Shebab attack on US

Rep. Barney Frank: ‘Gender Bias’ Contributed to Warren Downfall

Senate Confirms Mueller for New Term as FBI Director

Rep. David Wu could be eligible for $1M in pension, benefits

Fuel economy standards to be unveiled Friday

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

American Political News for Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2012 Election

Republican-leaning group targeting key Senate Democrats in ad campaign

GOP-leaning group targets Senate Democrats

Perry and Palin left off Iowa straw poll ballot

Post-speech 2012 candidates hit Obama

Mike Huckabee planning to stay neutral

Missouri Democrats, GOP Spar on Election Spending Ethics

Palin Aides Set To Hit the Speakers' Circuit

Barack Obama

Full text of Barack Obama's July 25 speech on debt ceiling impasse

The Presidential Planner: Stalemate Continues As Clock Ticks Toward Default

Hispanic Voters on the Fence as Obama Speaks to Influential Civil Rights Group

Poll: Obama losing support from base

Obama says will keep fighting for immigration reform

Could President Obama Be Impeached Over the Debt Ceiling?

More dismal poll numbers for Obama and the GOP on debt crisis

Obama Visits Norwegian Ambassador To Pay Respect After Tragic Killings

Jon Huntsman

Huntsman Building Big N.H. Team, Changing Campaign Tone

Jon Huntsman has 21 New Hampshire staffers

Huntsman tries to reboot in New Hampshire

Jon Huntsman wagers big in New Hampshire

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann staff blocks WQAD

Bachmann: 'Shame' on Obama

Bachmann benefitted from federal home loan program

Rick Perry

Pro-Rick Perry radio ads hit Iowa

Perry moves closer

Rick Perry inches closer to 2012 bid

Rick Perry finds another feather for his cap with job creation

Bauer 'disappointed' in Perry marriage comment

Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry a Jobs Wizard? (Video)

‘Stop voting for Pagans’?

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Closes His Tiffany's Account

Newt Gingrich regrets 2008 climate ad with Nancy Pelosi

Newt Gingrich happy he can afford 'nice things'

Mitt Romney

Romney's debt tweet

Mitt Romney's 'Mexican roots': 4 talking points

Mitt Romney name-checks Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio

Tim Pawlenty

Pawlenty team pushes for quick cash

Factbox: Pawlenty clings to White House bid despite slow start

David Wu

Democratic Rep. David Wu won’t run again, pressured to step down after sexual allegation

The Wu Scandal: What Democrats Should Do

Rep. David Wu tells friend he 'did nothing illegal'

Democratic Rep. David Wu Stands Tough in Face of Sex Charge

In wake of allegation, congressman won't run again

Rep. David Wu To Resign Following Sexual Assault Accusations (Video)

David Wu resigns

It's Not Just the 18-Year-Old: A List of Disturbing Stuff David Wu's Done


US takes on Iraq pullout 'one bite at a time'

US transfers security at Basra port to Iraq

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Boehner's full rebuttal on debt ceiling impasse

Is Aug. 2 Still the 'Drop Dead' Deadline?

Reality TV Meets Debt Ceiling Debate

Reid Unveils $2.7 Trillion Debt Plan: 'We are giving (Republicans) what they want' (Video)

Nancy Pelosi warms to Harry Reid's debt ceiling plan

Obama attacks Republicans over debt crisis

Barack Obama: defaulting on debt would be 'reckless' (Video)

US debt crisis: Americans pray for a resolution (Video)

Barack Obama admits 'dangerous stalemate' on US debt as blame game deepens (Video)

Obama: Halt '3-ring-circus' of debt-limit debate

Barack Obama: spending cuts alone not answer on deficit

Obama appeals for debt-limit compromise; Boehner says GOP sticks by its spending-cuts bill

Deficit reductions — it’s all in how you measure

Does Extra Tax Revenue Give Debt Deal More Time? (Audio)

Obama, Boehner Trade Blame For Debt Impasse (Audio)

Comparing The Plans In The Debt Debate (Audio)

Responding to the Obama debt speech

Obama changes tone in public debate over debt ceiling

What the Obama-Boehner bond is (and isn’t)

As debt deadline nears, federal employees feel anxiety

US debt ceiling crisis: Why Republicans won't compromise

Obama warns of 'dangerous game' in stand-off as US debt battle continues

US default debate: Russian roulette in America

US debt deadlock continues to weigh on stocks

Obama adviser: No time for 'doomsday scenarios'

As Washington struggles over debt crisis, Obama stays mum on veto threat

House speaker says Obama won't get 'blank check'

AP-GfK Poll: Worries about debt rising once again

Rival plans ensnarl Congress over debt ceiling

Ads over debt ceiling heat up

House conservatives not sold on Boehner plan

Poor Harry Reid

Sen. Coats: Capitol Hill ‘Besieged’ by Calls; ‘I Want the Real Thing’ on Debt Deal (Video)

Republicans attack Obama as they push their budget plan

Will Debt Drama Drive You To A Third Party? (Audio)

Americans flood Congress with calls about debt ceiling

Senators see overlap in dueling plans

Martin Dempsey: Deep defense cuts will harm national security

Cantor to GOP: Quit whining and vote

Jim Jordan: Boehner plan won’t pass House on Republican support alone

John Boehner Trapped Between Tea Party and Reality

Americans back mixed solution for debt crisis: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Despite Bickering, Democrats and Republicans Will Reach Debt Deal

Other News

House bill targets aid to Pakistan

Karzai outlines Afghan 'conditions' for future US ties

Congress quick to adopt social media tools

Economy Poll: From Lifestyles to Political Discontent, Economic Woes Still Take their Toll

Two Chinese fighters 'pursue' US spy plane

US to continue spy flights after jets 'pursued' by China over Taiwan

Babbitt Blasts 'Radical' GOP Bill on Public Lands

Nancy Pelosi led delegation that spent $35K visiting auto show

US Congress to vote on deadline for Keystone XL pipeline decision

House plans vote on balanced budget amendment

Congressional Websites Crash After Obama's Debt Ceiling Speech

Head of U.S. cyber agency resigns suddenly

No end in sight for FAA shutdown

Poll: Obama, GOP share disapproval on job creation

US suspends aid to Malawi after killings

Boehner Hailed for Bringing 'Potty Parity' to House Floor

Congressman apologizes for Amy Winehouse tweet

Family of slain Taiwan skipper protests US report

US hits 'narco-terrorism' smugglers

Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties

US: bin Laden death ups terror risk for Americans

Monday, July 25, 2011

American Political News for Monday, July 25, 2011

2012 Election

Bachmann, Pawlenty Spar Over Conservative Credentials

Republicans Make Gains With Latino Candidates

Bachmann vs Pawlenty, Round 1

Poll: Rick Perry, Sarah Palin Still Major Contenders in GOP Race

Not Room Enough For The Both Of Them?: Pawlenty And Bachmann Spar Over Iowa (The Note)

2012 attack ads increase with rise of Super PACs

Huck adviser to help Santorum

Jon Huntsman mailer: Calling all cars for fundraiser

Barack Obama

Obama and the other deficit

Obama Steps Up Campaign To Win Over Latino Voters (Audio)

Obama campaign postpones fundraisers because of ongoing debt limit negotiations

Obama: Immigration reform stalled by GOP

Michele Bachmann

With Fight for Ames Heating Up, Bachmann Unloads on Pawlenty

Bachmann links Pawlenty to Obama

Michele Bachmann heading to California in September

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich's personal finances: Tiffany's 'paid in full'

Newt Gingrich earned $8,000 from American Family Association speeches

Ron Paul

Ron Paul believes Aug. 2 debt deadline is 'artificial'

Ron Paul aiming high at Ames

Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty: Michele Bachmann often 'off the mark'

Donald Trump mocks 'tough guy' Tim Pawlenty

David Wu

Ore. Democrats waiting for Wu to respond to charge of aggressive, unwanted sexual behavior

Pelosi Calls For Ethics Investigation Of Rep. Wu

Reports: Rep. David Wu won't run again amid sex scandal

David Wu won't resign; Nancy Pelosi seeks probe

Nancy Pelosi Calls For Investigation of Rep. David Wu After Sexual Assault Allegations


New U.S. Envoy to Afghanistan: No Rush for the Exits

Report: U.S. aid diverted to Taliban

US Debt/Debt Ceiling

Senior White House Official: 50/50 Chance This Won't Be Resolved By This Time Next Week (Video)

'World News' Political Insights: Washington Dysfunction Hits New Low (Video)

Democrats, Republicans Pursue Separate Debt Ceiling Plans After Weekend Standoff (Video)

John Boehner Says Republicans Must 'Sacrifice' to Avoid Default (Video)

What happens if the US defaults?

America can now only defer its debt crisis

Clinton 'confident' about US debt deal

Clinton seeks to reassure Asia on U.S. debt

The Boehner Plan: House Republicans Propose Two-Step Plan to Cut Deficit

IMF calls for US to raise debt ceiling and cut spending

Other News

Mullen sees 'very difficult' time in US-Pakistan ties

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