Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Political News for Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Election

Behind the Numbers: RNC Boasts of Fundraising Haul

Romney and Gingrich Trade Barbs on Who ‘Can Take the Heat’

Rick Perry 2012 Presidential Campaign

Rick Perry Super PAC Goes Negative On Gingrich and Romney

Rick Perry Admits He's 'Prone' To Mistakes, Talks Religion Ahead Of 2012 Iowa Caucus

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Romney Puts His Eggs In New Hampshire Basket

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops On Iraq: GOP Candidate Says 'We Would Not Have Gone In' If We Knew There Were No Weapons Of Mass Destruction (VIDEO)

Jon Huntsman 2012 Presidential Campaign

New Hampshire observers find Huntsman’s campaign confusing

Michele Bachmann 2012 Presidential Campaign

Michele Bachmann: Iowa voters ‘love her,’ hate her chances

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul: “Whole World Is a Stage for the War Against Terror”

Ron Paul Faces Upward Climb for Republican Presidential Nomination in 2012

Ron Paul defensive over past newsletters

Rick Santorum 2012 Presidential Campaign

Santorum: Vander Plaats said 'he needed money to promote the endorsement'

Santorum: Obama dividing country to win election

Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Campaign

Gingrich Will Likely ‘Scramble’ Onto Virginia Ballot, Says Campaign is ‘Playing Catch-Up’

Super Pac Has Internet Fun At Gingrich's Expense

Other News

U.S. Pulls Some Staff from Embassy in Syria as Violence Escalates

US hopes to work with North Korea following death of Kim Jong-il

Britain asks US to hand over terrorism suspect held for seven years without charge

US admits mistakes over killings of Pakistan troops

Israel's Barak boosts Obama amid U.S. threats on Iran

DOW, NASDAQ, Pink Sheets, OTC, Stocks, Dividends

Stock index futures point higher


Oil above $99 amid signs US crude demand improving

US Companies/Industry

Yahoo shares rise on reports it will sell Alibaba stake

Apple nears German court rebuff in row with Samsung

UPS, FedEx holiday package volume up from 2010

Investment group to acquire Chicago Sun-Times

Chevron calls for investigation of Ecuador ruling

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