Monday, September 26, 2011

American Political News for Monday, September 26, 2011

2012 Election

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry Called ‘Very Weak Frontrunners’

GOP field scrambles in fall cash dash

Republican candidates seek Trump stamp of approval

First Thoughts: None of the above

Florida Straw Poll Results Focus Less On Cain (Winner) Than Perry (Loser)

The end of straw polls?

V.P. speculation ramps up

New week, same Perry-Romney battle

Perry remains the GOP frontrunner, but gap with Romney narrows

Does Cain's Florida Win Prove the GOP Isn't Racist?

Jon Huntsman hits Rick Perry debate answer

Ron Paul's Campaign at the Mercy of Its Own Supporters

Is It Palin Time?

Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

Obama raps Perry as gov 'whose state is on fire'

Obama says Republicans would 'cripple' US

Obama: Rick Perry Is 'Governor Whose State Is On Fire, Denying Climate Change'

Fidel Castro: President Obama U.N. speech 'gibberish'

Obama sells jobs plan in Silicon Valley

Obama criticizes GOP over disaster bill

Obama offers pointed critique of Republican values

Obama Applies 19th Century Strategy for 21st Century Problems

Moody's: Obama budget unlikely to be implemented

CBC members react to Obama's speech on jobs, the black community

Obama's fiery 'stop complaining' speech: Will it motivate the base?

Obama: Time for ‘Arguments With Our Progressive Friends’

Waters: Obama’s Language to Congressional Black Caucus ‘A Bit Curious’

In California, Obama Defends Push to Raise Taxes on High-Income Americans

Obama's 'stop grumbling' speech prompts some grumbling

Will President Obama Save Medicare?

Poll first: More Jewish voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance than approve

Poor economy poses fundraising challenge for Obama

Heckler interrupts Obama fundraiser

Obama: No jobs bill means elect a new Congress

Congressman: House Democrats won’t touch Obama’s jobs bill

Rick Perry 2012 Presidential Campaign

Rick Perry revives Nevada caucuses

Rick Perry, authentically supportive

Praying for Rick Perry

Rick Perry Ad Hits Mitt Romney Over 'No Apology' Book Changes

Rick Perry Still on Top

Rick Perry Campaign: Obama Criticism On Climate Change 'Outrageous'

Could Perry’s ’10 campaign serve as a roadmap for ’12?

Rick Perry pivots to policy

Perry accuses Romney of trying to ‘edit his past’ on health care

Perry draws class lines in clash with Romney

APNewsBreak: Perry urges Obama to halt air rules

Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign

Florida warning for Romney?

Romney yokes Perry to Obama on immigration

Romney wins Michigan straw poll; Republicans want Rubio for VP

'Harvard Faculty Lounge' Gives Mitt Romney More Than $56,000 In Donations

Michele Bachmann 2012 Presidential Campaign

Michele Bachmann knocks Rick Perry at Iowa event

Michele Bachmann dings Rick Perry on Pakistan

Bachmann: GOP nominee must be true conservative

Michele Bachmann's no fan of debate formats

Michele Bachmann to Iowa: I'm the whole package

Herman Cain 2012 Presidential Campaign

Herman Cain Responds To Morgan Freeman Criticizing Tea Party As Racist (VIDEO)

Cain on Trump's dance card

Is Herman Cain the GOP's Newest Front-Runner?

GOP's Cain says win in Fla. straw poll not a fluke

Herman Cain Considered Quitting 2012 Campaign Before Florida Straw Poll Win: Report

Cain: It wasn't a protest vote

Cain to Congress: Stop playing with tragedies

Herman Cain is a Candidate to Be Taken Seriously

Flashback: Herman Cain's 1994 Bill Clinton Debate On Health Care

Herman Cain with Ed Koch in 2012?

Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Campaign

Newt Gingrich endorsed by Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips

TheDC Interview: Callista Gingrich releases ‘pro-America’ children’s book

TRENDING: Gingrich to stay at South Carolina governor's mansion

Other News

Deadly shooting at US embassy in Kabul

Shutdown looms: Spotlight now on Senate after Boehner wrangled House GOP votes

Why the Israel-Palestine Clash Threatens Cairo-U.S. Ties

More People Than Ever Are Unhappy With The Government, Poll Shows

Pakistan seeks diplomatic support in row with U.S.

Senators place blame for budget stalemate

Obama, GOP trumpet jobs plans in Silicon Valley

As Drones Evolve, More Countries Want Their Own

Support for death penalty dropping

Budget Impasse Could Leave FEMA Projects in the Lurch

Commander: More US trainers heading to Afghanistan

China foreign minister warns Clinton on F-16 deal

Rod Blagojevich's sentencing put off

Senators pass bill to avert government shutdown

China scales back military ties with US over F-16s

Stock Market

Stocks wobble as new home sales dip to 6-month low

Stocks jump on hopes for a Europe fix; Dow up 272

US Economy

Ahead of the Bell: New home sales

New-home sales fell in August for 4th month

Fed's Raskin says more easing likely warranted

US house sales fall to six-month low as property market recovery looks distant

Obama: Europe crisis 'scaring the world'


Grains futures, livestock prices mixed

Rhode Island gas prices dip 5 cents

Credit/Stock Rating

Fitch leaves McGraw-Hill rating outlook unchanged

US Companies/Industry

Dollar Thrifty boosts buyback to $400 million

Chevron to start work on huge Australia LNG hub

Ford CEO: China auto market is sustainable

Netflix edges out HBO for Dreamworks deal: report

Keystone pipeline opponents pin hopes on Nebraska

Suntech taps Lefebvre for Suntech America post

Capital One to add 500 jobs in Delaware

Amazon signs deal to stream Fox movies

Martha Stewart rejoins her company's board

Berkshire Hathaway to buy back shares

UAW, Ford to begin high-level talks on labor deal

Supermarkets start bagging self-serve checkouts

Oracle unveils new servers in push against IBM

Legal/US Buisness Lawsuits

Samsung seeks iPhone, iPad sale ban in Dutch court

SEC may recommend legal action against S&P

SEC mulls charges against McGraw Hill in CDO case

Goldman wins dismissal of NY lawsuit over bonuses

JPMorgan seeks to move Lehman's $8.6 billion lawsuit

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